Find Moisture Mitigation Services in Plant City, FL

Smart Surfaces will tackle your commercial flooring problems

Concrete coatings offer a durable, long-lasting flooring solution, but the presence of moisture can create damage. Smart Surfaces, Inc. offers moisture mitigation services in Plant City, FL to combat the problem.

Excess moisture in or below a concrete slab causes the majority of concrete flooring failures. Another problem is that epoxy and other flooring materials can’t bond to a concrete slab that has high moisture content. Contact Smart Surfaces, Inc. today for moisture mitigation services in the Plant City, FL area.

3 worthwhile reasons for concrete moisture mitigation

3 worthwhile reasons for concrete moisture mitigation

If your concrete slab has high moisture, moisture mitigation services done prior to the flooring installation can prevent failures. There are various reasons to get moisture mitigation services, including:

  1. Eliminating the potential of a voided warranty
  2. Improving the adhesion of your flooring system
  3. Establishing a single-source, 10-year warranty for vapor levels up to 25 pounds

You want your commercial or industrial floor to last for years to come. Call 813-756-5808 today to learn more about concrete moisture mitigation in Plant City, FL.