Services Spectrum

Commercial and Industrial Resinous Flooring Installation


 Smart Surfaces, Inc. installs MMA, Epoxy, Urethane Cement and many other polymer based flooring systems in a wide spectrum of environments.

Mechanical Concrete Surface Preparation


  Smart Surfaces, Inc. performs concrete floor surface preparation for various types of flooring installations. 

Decorative Concrete Floor Design


Smart Surfaces, Inc. provides design services, layout and installation for custom requirements.

Concrete Surface Restoration


Smart Surfaces provides restoration of concrete floor substrates via cementicious and resin based overlays. These overlays can function as an underlayment and working floor.

Floor Leveling & Repair


  Smart Surfaces, Inc. repairs and levels concrete pavements to provide suitable substrates for floor coverings, architectural finishes and polymer floor systems.

Architectural Exposed Concrete

GlassDeck Architectural Exposed Aggregate Concrete

GlassDeck is the absolute best decorative and functional exposed aggregate floor system for retail, restaurant dining and professional office spaces.